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Draft Control is not tracking my document. Why not?!

In order for Draft Control to track a document, make sure of the following:

How do I track all the documents saved in a single folder in my Finder?

You can track all the documents in a single folder by dragging the entire folder into your Draft Control Library. Draft Control will begin tracking all the documents saved in that folder, but not the documents saved in subfolders. If you save a new document to a folder that is already tracked in Draft Control, then Draft Control will begin tracking that document as well.

How can I change it so a new version is not saved so often?

By default, a new version will be saved in Draft Control each time you save the document you are working on in your word processor (each time you select File > Save). If you find this is too frequent for you, then it is easy to change. Note that Draft Control will only save a new version if text has been changed.

How do I see more context (words) around my changes?

If you would like to see more or less context around your changes in Draft Control, click on the "Text" menu bar and select either more or less context.

Is there a way to get a PDF document that shows changes?

Yes! Select the particular version of your document that you would like to export. In the "Text" menu bar, select "Export to PDF."

How do I export the document at a specific version (and open that version in my word processor)?

It is easy to open a saved version of your document in your word processor. In Draft Control, right-click on the version you would like to export, and select "Export this version of the document." You will be prompted to save the version. Draft Control automatically generates a title that includes the version's date. Once you save the version, you can open it in your Word Processor. It will not replace the current version of your document.

What happens when I archive a document?

If you would like to stop tracking a document, then you can remove it from your Draft Control library by archiving it.

Can I add a comment or label to each version?

Yes! Go the the version you would like to label and double-click on the version date. A text box will open. Type in the desired label and hit 'return.' Your version is now labeled.

What file formats are supported by Draft Control?

Draft Control is compatible with the following file formats:

What operating systems are supported by Draft Control?

Draft Control works on Mac OSX 10.8 and all later Mac operating systems.

What is the file size limit?

The file size limit is 50 MB.

How does Draft Control work with iCloud?

Draft Control's iCloud syncing feature allows you to track the same document from two different computers. To sync your documents on iCloud using Draft Control, follow these simple steps:

How does Draft Control work with Dropbox?

To use Draft Control with Dropbox, make sure you have installed the Dropbox app on your computer so you can save the document in your Dropbox folder on your desktop. The feature will not work if you are only using Dropbox in your Internet browser. Once the document is saved in your desktop Dropbox folder, simply drag the document into your Draft Control library. Draft Control treats the document the same as a document saved in any folder in your Finder.

If I move a document to a new folder in my Finder, how can I reestablish its connection with Draft Control?

You can reestablish the connection with any document by following these simple steps:

Is it possible to use Draft Control for collaboration?

Yes! You can use Dropbox to collaborate with someone on a document.